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What parents are saying

Crane “Our 8 year-old son, Nate, loves Interactive Physics because he can build rockets, people, buildings, cars and bikes, and magic inventions and make them do incredible things. His creations can fly, assemble and disassemble, spin, roll, tumble, shoot into space -- you name it... As a matter of fact, every morning before school, a whole group of 8 year-old second graders get together to play with Interactive Physics. They have no idea they’re learning -- to them it’s just a lot of fun.”

Norris & Catherine Chumley
New York City

Ideal for home schoolers

Interactive Physics offers a complete, flexible physics curriculum tailored to the unique needs of each student. Fast-paced, interactive simulations are coupled with activity sheets to expand your child’s imagination while stimulating his or her inquisitive curiosity. Interactive Physics makes learning mathematics and physics fun!

Interactive Physics works for all levels.

Students at all levels love Interactive Physics. Whether you are studying physical sciences in middle school or taking advanced physics courses in high school or college, Interactive Physics is a fun, exciting way to explore physics.

Finding physics difficult?

Sometimes the most difficult part of physics is understanding the maze of equations in the textbook. Interactive Physics makes sense of the math and lets you visualize and interact with otherwise difficult concepts.

Move beyond a topic.

Interactive Physics allows you to explore physics on a more meaningful level than can be taught on paper or at the chalkboard. You can study what-if scenarios and create nearly any simulation imaginable. Have fun experimenting and inventing new machines, environments, and models.

School-to-work skills

Design Simulation Technologies also develops Working Model for professional scientists and engineers. Check out and see the same, professional motion simulation technology you learn with Interactive Physics!