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Interactive Physics Workbook
Designed to help students visualize and work with specific physics problems through simulations created with Interactive Physics files.
Forty problems of varying degrees of difficulty require students to make predictions, change variables, and investigate "what-if" scenarios.
The workbook/study guide provides instructions, physics review, hints, and questions.
The accompanying CD-ROM contains everything students need to run simulations.

Table of Contents
"The simulations are designed well and expertly crafted. The workbook and IP simulations provide an easy way for teachers to assign meaningful computer activities. The tasks are appropriate, the material relevant...students can do the work and enjoy it."
- John Risley, North Carolina State University
"I am conviced that the simulations do a better job of teaching the principles than conventional written exercises..."
- Professor Robert March, University of Wisconsin
"These applications are well constructed and provide direct reinforcement of subject material in a pedagogically effective manner. The emphasis on graphical analysis of motion would complement our use of ULI based experiments in our physics laboratory."
- Professor Lee Bolen, University of Mississippi
"After seeing these simulations I would be very interested in using this workbook as a supplement to our introductory physics course."
- Professor Thomas Sills, Wright College

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