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Instructor Comments and Research Initiatives

Check out what instructors do with Interactive Physics. From inquiry learning in middle school to discovering new physics concepts in college, Interactive Physics allows your students to become professional scientists.

Interactive Physics in the classroom

Motivate your students with Interactive Physics. Select from a wide range of ready-to-run experiments and provide exciting in-class demonstrations, while saving on lesson-preparation time. Interactive Physics is easily integrated into any physics curriculum, and correlates with National and State Education Standards and Objectives.

School-to-work skills

Design Simulation Technologies also develops Working Model for professional scientists and engineers. Check out and see the same, professional motion simulation technology you learn with Interactive Physics!

Students appreciate instructors who use Interactive Physics

Newton Cradle

Make textbook concepts come to life in front of your students’ eyes. There are 150+ ready-to-run simulations that supplement your physics curriculum. Run, alter the experiment conditions, and then re-run the simulation until your students fully understand the concepts.

See what other educators are doing

You can share and exchange models with other educators through the Interactive Physics simulations page. To see how other educators incorporate Interactive Physics into their classrooms, see their related sites.

Interactive Physics Training

For information about training for Interactive Physics, click here.

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