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Related Sites



Some simulations found in the following web sites were created in old versions of Interactive Physics and might not open in the latest version of Interactive Physics.

Cal Poly Pomona University Physics Department
A. John Mallinckrodt, Physics Professor
An ever-expanding set of advanced (and eclectic) simulations covering a wide variety of topics including rotating reference frames, orbital dynamics, gravitation, oscillations, thermodynamics, and electrostatics.

Western Washington University - Mechanics Interactive Physics Simulations
Richard Vawter, Physics Professor
Site containing many advanced Interactive Physics simulations created by Professor Vawter for use in his physics course.

Mississippi State University Physics Department
Taha Mzoughi, Physics Professor
Physics I students can access class notes, quizzes, grades, and physics concept animations developed using Interactive Physics. The animations allow you to view an IP simultation and select which vectors to display.