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Reseller Program



Interactive Physics is sold worldwide and is supported by resellers in 36 countries, and nearly every state and province in North America.

If you are interested in the Interactive Physics Reseller Program, or would like to promote Interactive Physics to your clients and local school district, please email us at or call 1-800-766-6615 inside the U.S. or 1-734-446-6935 outside the U.S. Please include your company name, contact information, credit references, and a short description of your interest and ability to promote Interactive Physics.

Click here to fill out a VAR application.

You can download the following PDF documents for Interactive Physics pre-sales and marketing purposes (English version). To download these documents in other languages, click here.

  • Introductory Tutorial - 10-minute hands-on introduction
  • Brochure - two-page overview of Interactive Physics
  • Please EMail Design Simulation Technologies at for pricing
  • International resellers find that localizing the brochure and introductory tutorial significantly helps marketing and sales. Click here to download the instructions and source for translating the sales and marketing material.

    Authorized resellers can obtain additional information by entering the password in the space below. If you are an authorized reseller and do not have a password, please call 1-800-766-6615.