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DST products are used worldwide in the classroom, the research lab and the engineering office to bring the power of physics based simulation to people who have never had the opportunity to experience the benefits of this technology. Our products are designed to be affordable and accessible so that those who need the answers our products can provide are able to afford them and to use them without becoming specialists in simulation technology.

Our core expertise is in simulating assemblies of moving mechanical parts to predict their dynamic motion and the displacements, velocities, accelerations and reaction forces that result. We package and augment this core technology for specific types of uses broadly separated into engineering and classroom applications.

Engineering Applications

SimWise 4D is our flagship product that couples our core dynamic motion simulation technology with Finite Element Analysis to deliver a product that answers all of the questions that designers of moving mechanical products need answered. SimWise 4D is CAD neutral and can import data from all of the leading CAD systems. “Does it work?” and “Will it break?” can be answered quickly and affordably with SimWise 4D.

Dynamic Designer Motion (DDM) embeds our dynamic motion simulation technology in two leading CAD systems, Solid Edge, and Autodesk Inventor. DDM seamlessly extends the capabilities of these systems into the realm of motion simulation using the same geometry, the same interface, and the same work flow as the underlying CAD systems.

Working Model 2D packages our dynamic motion simulation technology into a quick, easy to use, 2D product suitable for determining the operational aspects of concept designs and products whose motion is primarily occurring in the same plane.

Classroom Applications

Interactive Physics is a physics simulator that Is used worldwide in high school and college level physics classroom to illustrate concepts, perform virtual labs, and provide opportunities for Discovery Learning. It is accompanied by a full set of curriculum but allows teachers and students to create their own lessons and labs.

Working Model 2D is used in college and university classrooms for statics, kinematics and dynamics, controls, and machine design classes. Its power and ease of use allow the problems and examples typically encountered in these classes to be illustrated and experimented with on the computer.

Both products are aligned with current STEM initiatives and both have very low cost student versions available.


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