Interactive Physics

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Sample Exercises

Click on an image below to see a larger screenshot of the exercise.

Speed, Distance, and Time


Weight, Mass, and Gravity


Air Resistance



Force, Mass, Acceleration


Other Demo Experiments

To try other physics experiments, click on one of the experiments below, or start Interactive Physics, under the Script menu, and click on Run All Demo Files.

Run All Demo Files

Note: The Demo Edition can open only Demo files. The Full Edition must be purchased to open the curriculum and additional 150+ physics experiments.

Interactive Physics allows you to explore other essential physics topics, including: electrostatics, evaporation and condensation, gears, kinetic theory of gas, machines, magnetism, particle dynamics, projectiles and rockets, pulleys, rotational dynamics, static equilibrium, superposition of waves, kinetic and potential energy, temperature and heat, waves and sound, and many more.


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