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Simulink Interface

The popular Simulink product from The MathWorks, Inc., makers of MATLABŪ, integrates effortlessly with SimWise Motion and SimWise 4D. A pre-defined block (sWPlant) can be added into Simulink to represent the mechanical system in SimWise, allowing you to simulate an entire system, including hydraulics, electronics, and controls. Simulink output variables can be connected to SimWise Motion or SimWise 4D entities and SimWise Motion or SimWise 4D output values connected to Simulink inputs creating a coupled simulation.

Simulink combustion model integrated with SimWise engine model

See a video showing SimWise and Simulink Co-Simulation

Simscape Multibody

Co-Simulation with SimWise and Simulink is one way to simulate a combined control system and multibody dynamics model. Another way is to simulate both domains within MATLAB/Simulink itself using Simscape Multibody. If this is the case, SimWise can be used to build and validate the multibody dynamics model, and with the press of a button transfer the multibody model to Simscape Multibody where it can be connected to the control system model.

See a very complete description of this process on our Solutions for Simscape Multibody page.


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