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What Dynamic Designer product is right for me?

If you are responsible for design validation or if you are a designer, design engineer, or engineer who wants to design better, more reliable products, then you can benefit from Dynamic Designer.

To help figure out which Dynamic Designer product best suits your needs, check "Yes" next to the appropriate questions and then click "Which Dynamic Designer Product Should I Try?"

1) Do you want to see animations and export AVI movies?
2) Do you want to perform moving interference detection?
3) Do your mechanisms contain cams, gears, latches, chains, or belts?
4) Do you want to understand how multiple mechanisms work together or sequence mechanism motion?
5) Do you want to see XY plots of engineering data?
6) Are you concerned about how friction effects your mechanism?
7) Do you use FEA software?
8) Are you concerned with mechanism vibrations?
9) Do you need to know bearing loads, or reaction forces?
10) Do you want to size motors/actuator or determine the power consumption of motors/actuators?
11) Do your mechanisms contain dampers or nonlinear springs?
For applications, see Motion Professional Applications, Motion Applications, and Simply Motion Applications.


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