Dynamic Designer Motion

CAD Embedded Motion Simulation

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L-1011 Undercarriage Landing Gear

AVI Movie - 5.8M
VRML Model - 7.2M

Cherokee Engine

AVI Movie - 675K
VRML Model - 3.5M


AVI Movie - 900K
VRML Model - 2.3M

Intermittent Contact

AVI Movie - 2.75M

KMI Pump

AVI Movie - 700K

Locking Mechanism

AVI Movie - 1.8M


AVI Movie- 1.3M

Power Drill

AVI Movie - 515K

Reliance Manual Valve

AVI Movie- 600K

Front End Loader

AVI Movie - 2.0M


VRML Model - 1.0M


VRML Model - 560K

Electromechanical Switch

VRML Model - 630K

Full Landing Gear

VRML Model
- 5.2K

Shaft Assembly

VRML Model - 970K



AVI Movie - 400K



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